Berks Aftermath Teaser

Berks Gaming Club Cake

This is no lie

It is with bitter-sweet words that I write that the Berks Spring Assault II tournament has come and gone.  Those that read some of our earlier posts will know that the Berks PA Gaming Club held the event this past weekend on Saturday, May 14th.  50 players participated in 100 games of Warhammer 40k and from where I was standing (which was all over the place), everything seemed butter smooth.  My proverbial hat is off to Mike and his staff of helpers for making my first ever 40k tournament experience a truly great one.  I also want to call out all of the players that gamed that day for being a great bunch of people.  Everyone was social and friendly, good times were had by all.

OK now on to our stuff.  With the tournament behind us, Bill, Opy and I are now fully working on the very first episode of the Turn 8 podcast.  With so much content and information gathered at Berks it takes time to sort through it all so this is our teaser trailer of sorts.  I have an hour and a half worth of video, 215 pictures and four documented matches between Opy and his opponents to sort through.  Keep an eye here for more galleries of photos and our first podcast episode to air this weekend.  Opy also has a Battle Report blog post in the works and we will be making posts to our Youtube channel with a Video Battle Report on the “Battle for Planet Shale” (Opy and Bill’s pre-berks test game).  Additional videos showing the Berks tournament and a Video Battle Report from Berks will be coming in the next few weeks.

Until then, enjoy the photos!


  1. #1 by Andy Miller on May 18, 2011 - 3:34 pm

    Great picts from a very fun day. Berks Gaming Club did a great job!

  2. #2 by Raiven on May 18, 2011 - 8:38 pm

    The certainly did, I’m already looking forward to next year (hey, maybe I’ll even play this time!). I have a ton more pictures that I hope to post this weekend. Right now I’m working on editing our first episode! It’s recorded, it’s happening …

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