Berks Assault: Game 4

Opy Win'sThis is the battle report from my 4th game at the Berks Spring Assault.  I played against the second Chaos Marine player of the day, who had an exceptionally painted Khorne theme throughout his entire army.  I was playing Eldar of course though the list I brought to the tournament was slightly different then what I showed in my earlier post.





My list: Eldar

  • Farseer with Doom and Runes of Warding
  • The Avatar of Khaine
  • 5 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with a TL Missile Launcher, a Shuriken Cannon, and Spirit Stones
  • 6 Jetbikes with 2 Shuriken Cannons
  • Vyper with Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannon
  • Vyper with Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannon
  • War Walkers with Dual Shuriken Cannons
  • Wraithlord with Scatter Laser and Missile Launcher

Opponent’s List: Chaos Marines

  • Daemon Prince with the Mark of Khorne
  • Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne, Daemon Weapon, Melta Bombs, and a TL Bolter
  • 5 Khorne Berzerkers with 2 plasma pistols and a Skull Champion with a power weapon and plasma pistol in a Rhino
  • 5 Khorne Berzerkers with 2 plasma pistols and a Skull Champion with a power fist and plasma pistol in a Rhino
  • Defiler with 2 Close combat weapons

I personally play Chaos as well, so I am going into this game knowing what all of his units can and can’t do.  I see that besides the Battle Cannon on the Defiler, he has almost no ranged attack power.  Instead, all of his strength is in his melee attack ability.  I have the Avatar which can stand up to the Berzerkers without too much of a problem but the Daemon Prince and the Lord will be able to do a lot more damage.  My plan is to throw the Avatar into combat as soon as possible and tie up a few of his units for as long as I can.  Hopefully he can last a few turns and allow the rest of my army to pick off his mobility (the Rhinos) and destroy the Defiler.  If I can do this then my fast army can run circles around him and stay out of his melee range.  Yay turbo-boost and Flat-out!

The mission objective is rolled at the beginning of the game.  We roll high and determine that it is Table Corners.  Deployment is Pitched battle.  The Game is set at 6 turns.  Chaos wins the roll and decides to go first, I do not try to seize the initiative.


The Chaos Marines setup along their 12 inch deployment line, hoping to get in assault range ASAP.
The Eldar setup the Avatar in the center, with the Wraithlord and Wave Serpent (filled with Dire Avengers and Farseer) to the left.  The War Walkers and a Vyper setup behind a build to block LoS.

The Eldar Jetbikes and another Vyper setup on the right side behind some trees to get a cover save from the Battle Cannon.

Chaos 1:

Both Rhinos move the full 12 inches and pop smoke.  The Daemon Prince moves 6 and runs 4.  The Defiler stays put and fires at the Jetbikes, the shot scatters away.

Eldar 1:

Avatar moves 6 around the cover, the Jetbikes and Vypers move up to get side armor shots.

The War Walkers comes out on the right side of the building, while the other Vyper swings around the left side (you can barely see the nose).

In shooting, the entire Eldar army unloads on the Chaos Rhinos and 1 shot on the Defiler.  Every shot except 2 either fail to glance or are saved via cover.  Those 2 shots do manage to immobilize and destroy the TL bolter on the right Rhino.

After shooting, the Jetbikes use their special move in the Assault phase to pull back behind cover.  The Rhino with the white dice on top is the one that was damaged.

Chaos 2

The Chaos Lord and a Berzerker squad with the fist deploy from the untouched Rhino.  The Defiler moves ahead 6 inches.  The empty Rhino moves up between ruins with the Daemon Prince behind it.

In shooting, the Defiler fires at and hits the War Walkers.  It manages to penetrate 1, but its cover save negates it.  The Khorne Berzerkers unload several shots into the Avatar including 3 plasma pistols, all fail to wound him.

The Lord and Berzerkers then assault the Avatar, whose initiative 6 allows him to attack first and kill 2 Berzerkers.  The Lord manages to strike back and wound him 3 times, but only 1 save is missed.  The rest of the Berzerkers fail to wound him at all except for the Skull Champion, who manages to wound him once with the Power Fist.  Combat is tied and the combatants stay locked.

Eldar 2

The Farseer is finally in range and Dooms the Daemon Prince.  The Jetbikes move back into firing position, while both Vypers move on the opposite edges of the field, aiming for side armor.  The Wraithlord also move up slightly, while the War Walkers stay put.

In shooting, the Vyper on the far left manages to immobilize the Defiler and then the War Walkers rain down on it with 18 Shuriken Cannon shot and are able to destroy the Battle Cannon.  Meanwhile the right Vyper, Jetbikes, and Wraithlord concentrate fire on the Doomed Daemon Prince, bringing him down to just 1 wound left.  The Wave Serpent fires at the immobilized Rhino but can only stun it.

In assault, the Avatar kills off all the remaining Berzerkers while the Chaos Lord rolls a “1” for the Daemon weapon and does nothing.  He takes 4 fearless saves and fails 1.

Chaos 3

The Daemon Prince moves on top of the terrain in the center of the map (we could not get the model to stand so that white die is where he should be).  The second squad of Berzerkers deploy into terrain from the immobilized Rhino.  The empty Rhino approaches the War Walkers.

In shooting the Khorne Berzerkers fire at the right Vyper, causing it to be immobilized and destroying the Scatter Laser.  They then charge it and destroy it in close combat.  In the middle of the field, the Avatar finishes off the Chaos Lord before he can strike back.

Eldar 3

Once again the Farseer Dooms the Daemon Prince.  The left Vyper continues to move up the side of the field, the War Walkers back off from the Rhino, while the Wraithlord begins to approach it.  The Avatar moves further in the middle while the Jetbikes prepare to lay into the Berzerkers who destroyed the Vyper.

In shooting, the Avatar uses his melta attack against the Daemon Prince, banishing him to the warp.  The War Walkers unload into the Rhino in front of them, wrecking it.  Both the Jetbikes and Wave Serpent fire at the remaining Berzerkers, killing 3.

Any shots from the Vyper and Wraithlord into the Defiler are ignored by Demonic Possession.

Chaos 4

The remaining Berzerkers move closer to the Jetbikes.  The Defiler continues to be immobilized with its 2 close combat weapons.

Eldar 4

Not much movement left, the left Vyper moves close to the Defiler to try and get a rear shot.  The War Walkers move in range of the Defiler.  Finally the Wraithlord falls over repeatedly in terrain.

In shooting, the Avatar wrecks the final Rhino.  The Jetbikes finish off the last of the Khorne Berzerkers.  The Wraithlord, Wave Serpent, and Vyper all concentrate fire on the Defiler and cannot get more then a Crew Stunned.  Finally the War Walkers fire into it and manage to destroy both Close Combat weapons… but the Defiler still lives.

Chaos 5


Eldar 5

The Jetbikes turbo-boost to claim the upper right corner.  Finally the Wraithlord closes on the Defiler and destroys it with a Missile.

Victory to the Eldar!

MVP: All in all I was very happy with the Avatar’s performance the most.  He really held his own in close combat, killing Khorne Berzerkers, a Chaos Lord, and finishing off the Daemon Prince.  The 4×4 tables used in the tournament really helped him get in combat throughout my time playing.  He only failed to do a lot of damage in 1 game.  Unfortunately, he is often just too slow to use in a normal game.

I hope you enjoyed the report.  Stay tuned for our first official podcast which includes another battle report from the Tournament.


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