The Dust Settles on Planet Shale

Ultramarines Hold Up

Sir, we have a problem ...

Opy and I were able to get one play test in before the Berks Spring Assault II.  It was a good battle right to the end.  The Eldar ended up winning by holding one objective and contesting the other.

At the start of the game I believe my deployment was a bit flawed.  I set my Thunderfire cannon too far away and I also failed to account for the victory points game style.  I was playing by normal 5th edition rules from the start and trying too hard to take out all Eldar troops so, at best, all they could do is tie.  By the time I was reminded about that, it was already turn 4 and much too late to take out the Avatar and the Wraithlord.

The Space Marines ultimately fell to the monstrous creatures as they were unable to take them out effectively.  All my Drop Pods came down just where I wanted them too and they were able to cut down some Eldar firepower.  The Dreads, after their initial turn, were then taken out with ease by the Avatar and the Wraithlord.  My Drop Pod with He’Stan was able to drop right behind the Wave Serpent and hit the rear armor.  Eventually they forced the Eldar to do an Emergency Disembark where He’Stan and the squad first blasted, then squished the Farseer with a Powerfist.

My scouts, sitting on one objective survived, a ton of Eldar shooting with their 2+ cover save(Camo Cloaks and Bolster Defenses).  When I was reminded about the game being all about victory points and not normal 5th edition rules I did get one turn of blasting the Wraithlord and I was able to get it down to one wound.  If only I shot at that thing more I might have been able to hold on.  Oh well.

My Tactical squad gets the MVP as they popped the Wave serpent the turn they came down and crushed the squad inside and the Eldar HQ.  The Space marines lost by only about 50 points so not too shabby.  A few minor adjustments in my deployment and play style and this battle could have gone the other way.

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