In the Beginning …

The BeginningAnd so it was that a podcast was born.  Three friends with a passion for a hobby, some computer knowledge and a handful of spare time began to speak, and lo, it was good.

OK, well, we haven’t actually spoken yet it seems but a new podcast is coming.  The “Turn 8” podcast will contain a casual perspective from fans of Games Workshop’s, Warhammer 40k hobby.  Our panel includes:




  • Bill, A.K.A. Skelator88, a veteran of the hobby (and maybe a little bitter).
  • Opy, A.K.A. Opius, reader of the Codexes, knower of the rules.
  • Rich, A.K.A. Raiven (that’s me!) … the noob (of sorts).

We hope that the dichotomy of Bill’s (vast) years with the hobby and my relative newness, blended with the knowledgy nougat that is Opy, will make for quite a tasty podcast for experts and novices alike.

Expect each episode to be roughly one hour long and contain an intro, a roundup of hobby events since the last episode, Battle Reports and possible analysis of strategies involved in said battles, the Rules of Engagement (a segment devoted to an overview of a small section of the rules each episode, for novices such as myself) and finally Q&A.

From time to time there may also be:

  • 40k News from Games Workshop and other related entities.
  • Predictions, Rumors and Wishes (and unicorn tears).
  • Fiction Updates and Reviews (with relation to the books).
  • Codex Breakdowns when a new codex arrives.
  • FAQ Updates.
  • Warhammer 40k in the realm of video games.

Our very first episode should hopefully “air” in a few weeks time and contain a very special Battle Report (not that you’d know the difference, since it’s the first one, right?) about Berks Spring Assault II.  Opy will be participating and I, will … not, however, I’ll be there to cheer him on and hopefully snag some pictures and possibly an interview or two.

Until then, thanks for hanging in for one more turn …

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