Just a Bit of News

Hey everyone, just thought some of you might like to know that we have finished recording Episode 2!  The episode should “air” this Friday so stay tuned!

Additionally I wanted to mention that we are looking to do a Q&A section of the podcast but that means we need some Q’s to throw our A’s at.  If you have a question you’d like to ask or a topic you want to hear discussed on the podcast, send us an email to podcast@turn-8.com.  You can also ask questions in the comments section of each episode’s post, or send them via Twitter to @turn_8.  The best way, however, is probably to Like us on Facebook and ask you questions there!  It’s a great way to start up a conversation and get instant feedback as well as a possible mention on the show!

Anyway, keep an eye here as always, new episode is on it’s way!


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