Episode 11: Lucky Number Eleven

The Necrons! … can wait, sorry.  As mentioned before we’ve postponed our Necron blow-out until next episode to give us plenty of time to soak it all in for you fine folks.  Until then, however, we’ve got some great content here as we cover our day at the Mechanicon and finally get to our review of the Space Marine DLC: Exterminatus.   And maybe, if you’ve been good little boys and girls, you can catch a sneak peek (listen?) of next episode’s Battle Report.  Tune in and find out!

Plus don’t forget the usual great content including news and rumors and the Rules Of Engagement …

  • 00:00:00  Episode 11 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:18:46  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 00:36:39  The Mechanicon
  • 00:54:06  Battle Report Info
  • 01:01:13  Battle Report
  • 01:15:39  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 01:28:39  Turn 8 Reviews: Space Marine DLC Exterminatus
  • 01:55:46  Rules of Engagement
  • 02:12:50  Thanks for Listening!

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