Episode 13: Business As Usual

::Looks for Imotekh::  Is he gone?  Good.  With the Necrons out of the way we’re back to business as usual here at Turn 8 HQ.  Of course that doesn’t actually mean we’re done with old clanky face but we can finally talk about other things … like Faith And Fire by James Swallow.  Also, we get back to the Games Workshop news and rumors we’ve missed in the passed several weeks, plus, this week’s battle report finally pairs up a classic fight between the Space Marines and the Orks, so go ears on with Episode 13!

One last thing, you don’t happen to know any Ultramarines fans out there do you?  Well they might want to listen in on This Random Time Period in 40k … something about a limited edition … something …  😉

Plus don’t forget the usual great content including the Rules Of Engagement …

  • 00:00:00  Episode 13 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:22:47  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 00:57:55  Battle Report Info
  • 01:06:28  Battle Report
  • 01:20:23  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 01:33:47  Turn 8 Reviews: Faith and Fire by James Swallow
  • 01:55:49  Rules of Engagement
  • 02:06:15  Thanks for Listening!

Music used in this episode is royalty-free.  Also, none of it is actually by Men At Work …

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  1. #1 by Opius on December 16, 2011 - 10:25 am

    So, a minor correction. At 4:15 I mention i picked up a second squad of Finecast Dire Avengers. Yeah… they don’t make Dire Avengers in Finecast. I meant to say Fire Dragons. Sorry for the mistake!

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