Episode 24: Little Devils

White Dwarf updates are going to be all the rage in 6th edition it seems, starting right now with Daemons!  It’s not a full codex but it’s more than just updated rules, now with new models!  And Fantasy too!  All this in a handy little pamphlet that comes packaged with the magazine but isn’t actually attached for easier transport with your existing codexes.  Neat feature?  More annoying crap to carry around?  You tell us!  Sound off in the comments.  Anyway, Dave is your guide this episode to all things Daemons, so thanks Dave!  Enjoy!

Plus don’t forget the usual great content including This Random Time Period in 40k and Rules of Engagement …

  • 00:00:00  Episode 24 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:31:35  This Random Time Period In 40k! – FAQ and Forgeworld rumors, new Daemons and Black Library
  • 00:50:03  White Dwarf Updates: Daemons
  • 01:16:56  Battle Report Info
  • 01:22:37  Battle Report – Sisters of Battle vs. Chaos Space Marines
  • 01:39:33  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 01:50:55  Rules of Engagement: Movement in the Shooting Phase
  • 01:58:10  Thanks for Listening!


Music used in this episode is royalty-free.

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