Build a Stormraven – Part 1 of 4: Interior and Assembly

Interior viewA note from the Editor: It is with great pleasure that I present to you a labor of love and wonderful tutorial from two-time guest host, Andy!  This complete tutorial features his fantastically painted Blood Angel’s Stormraven which he slaved over in the beginning of 2011.  The original tutorial, which can be found on Andy’s blog, was delivered over nine parts.  Andy has been gracious enough to recreate that tutorial here, slightly condensed, for you, the Turn 8 audience (also, it gives some better exposure to his work … win/win!).  Please enjoy and feel free to leave our man a comment or two.


The Interior:


Ok, so I’m FINALLY posting my walk through of the building and painting of my Blood Angels Stormraven.   So,  obviously I unsprued things and filed down all the mold lines etc.   I decided to actually paint the inside of this thing (for some reason).   First I black primered the interior (not the outside).   Then I used Boltgun Metal to pretty much coat the entire interior (Space Marines aren’t into interior design so much).   I used the Black Ink (not Badab black, I have an old bottle of the stuff and its MUCH stronger than Badab Black)  with a half water half ink mix and washed the hole interior.   If you have Badab Black, just use that straight up with no dilution.  Then i did a dry brush of Boltgun Metal again to get rid of the “watermarks”.  For the walkway ramps, I also did a wash of Devlan Mud to show where the Marines would trudge dirt and grime everywhere when they embark and disembark.


interior view


Next step, I used Scorched Brown on the leather seats and highlighted with Bestial Brown.   Gold parts were based with Shining Gold, highlighted with Burnished Gold and then a little bit of Mithril Silver on the corners and points.


interior view


For the tv monitors, on a base of Black, I blended up Regal Blue, then Ultramarine Blue and then Ice Blue going Black in the upper left of the monitor to the lightest blue in the lower right.   I put a few dabs of White to give a shiny, specular highlight look.   I didn’t have the Glossy Varnish when I painted these but I would use that in the future after the monitor is done.


interior view


For the Red buttons/monitors, I blended up from black with the Mechrite Red Foundation paint and Blood Red adding White dots for the shiny specular reflection.


interior view





Now we’re ready to glue it together.  The instructions that came with the kit are actually quite good and thorough (compared to past GW instructions) so I basically stuck close to that.  But, I use the Sabol Designs Army Transport carrying cases and foam, so, I had to leave the wings detachable so I didn’t have to buy a big new GW case to carry my Stormraven around.


Assembled Wings off


So I basically just glued the main body together except for the top turret and top intake vent.   I left the front hatch openable but I chose to glue the back hatch closed because the model design seemed like it would keep falling off.   I didn’t glue down the pilot canopy so I could paint that in detail as well.   I also made sure not to glue down the jet fans by the front landing gear and on the ends of the wings.    I’m using my Stormraven as a transport/anti-mech option so I glued down the meltas in the front and I glued the Lascannons on the top turret (I figure I can just buy top turret bits from bits store online if I ever wanted to change the top turret).  I also decided to just glue in the Hurricane bolters in case I ever use them (and they also look awesome).

Assembled with no paint


In the next installment we’ll talk about priming and magnetizing…


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