Tervigon / Tyrannofex Assemble!

I first assembled the central core body as pointed out in the instructions, and placed magnets in the front two shoulder sockets.  One thing you want to make sure is that the legs in the middle are wide enough for the Tervigon sack but will still fit on the base itself.  I also put some green stuff with a magnet in the neck socket and on the back of the neck of the Tervigon and Tyrannofex heads.




I then placed two magnets on the bottom hoofs and I let that glue dry overnight.   I then placed 2 magnets on the bottom of the base.  Before the glue is settled on the bottom of the base I slid the model around until it fit nicely.

Once the model is settled on the base, I started on the sack. I used green stuff and magnets along the seam of the Tervigon sack.  You may not get the seam to fully shut but it’s hidden underneath the model so it’s not too bad.

For the Rupture Cannon I just glued magnets on the arms so that they fit nicely in the shoulder and that the left arm lines up with the gun.

Once your model is assembled and your happy with now all the magnets fit, the next step you can paint the model anyway you like.  Here are how my two friends turned out.

Good Luck!

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