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Turn 8 Forum!

Turn 8 Forum ImageHey Gang!  Guess what we just did?  … Wrong!  We’ve finally unleashing our wargaming Forum to the world.  We’ve been in a bit of a soft launch / beta test for a few months now just to work some of the kinks out but we’re now ready for a wider audience.  YOU!  You can check it out right now at or simply click on the FORUM link on the top right of this page (in the “All About Us” section).  Viewing the forum costs nothing, posts cost … one registration, but that’s free so, hey!  This forum should be a much better way for our fans to chat with each other than our Facebook page (though that’s still a great place for the latest news … hint, hint, go like us  …).  So come join our community why don’tcha?

Oh, and if you listened to Episode 37 (you did listen, right!?), be sure to check out the “News” board in the “Turn 8 Podcast” category for the full details about our currently running Battle Report contest!


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