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Episode 41: Where Have All The Sisters Gone?

Episode 41 Image: Adepta SororifailFirst of all, let me just say congratulations to Opy for winning his bracket today at the 11th Company tournament!  He’s number one somewhere, right?  Anyway, Episode 41 is full of great stuff for you guys starting with a short recap of the somewhat-recently past Berks doubles tournament for Save Against Fear in our Round-up.  Then, while the news is sparse the “rumors” are pretty interesting.  Followed by Opy and Bill covering the heavily neutered Adepta Sororitas Codex.  We introduce another new section to the podcast called Turn 8 Tips!  For this episode we respond to a listener’s inquiry about how to handle Tau with Eldar.  We also have another installment of Bill’s Gaming Corner, this time covering the Space Hulk Video Game available on Steam.  Lots of stuff and hopefully something for everyone, please enjoy!

  • 00:00:00  Episode 41 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up:  What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:27:12  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 01:08:07  Codex Review:  Adepta Sororitas
  • 01:43:02  Battle Report Info
  • 01:50:25  Battle Report:  Tau vs. Imperial Guard
  • 02:05:47  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 02:15:39  Turn 8 Tips:  Eldar vs. Tau Tactics
  • 02:36:21  Bill’s Gaming Corner:  Space Hulk the Video Game
  • 02:56:38  Thanks for Listening!

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  • Children of Despair
  • Damnation
  • Derelict Ship
  • Exigence

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