Episode 32: Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never Episode ImageSorry Folks, I did it again.  But as the title says, better late than never so we present to you the glorious, if somewhat late, Episode 32!  The big story here is twofold: First, we review the Dark Angels codex and give you our take on the new rules, and Second, it’s Bill’s first turn as Command of a Codex review!  As per our usual theme now, we also bring you a Dark Angel themed Battle Report to coincide with our Codex review.  Of course we also have our usual news and rumors and our Q&A this week is actually a rules question … so we’re bringing a Rules of … Q&A!  Please, enjoy responsibly.

  • 00:00:00  Episode 32 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:30:23  This Random Time Period In 40k! – Sega gobbles up Relic, Andy talks Fliers, and Berks!
  • 00:57:25  Codex Review: Dark Angels
  • 01:50:39  Battle Report Info
  • 01:57:43  Battle Report – Dark Angels vs. Dark Eldar
  • 02:14:03  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 02:24:52  Rules of … Q&A: We get a question about a rule!
  • 02:29:42  Thanks for Listening!

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