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Episode 44: Phoenix

As mentioned in the post below folks … We. Are. Back!  Tune in to find out what the heck has been going on with the show, why we’ve been away for so long and how some things are going to change going forward.  As part of that you get your news fix for this episode, Opy brings us a rather short Codex Review of the Imperial Knights (because there are only 6 pages of rules) but that’s it! … New structure and schedule means no Battle Report for this episode … the first time we’ve ever done an episode without one.  What’s that all about?  Tune in to find out.






  • 00:00:00  Episode 44 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What the heck has been going on?
  • 00:40:18  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 01:17:23  Codex Review: Imperial Knights
  • 01:34:45  Thanks for Listening!

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The Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Dawn breaks like a wave on the rocks and with it, the long silence is ended …

Greetings internet, and welcome to a long, long overdue report on … well, us! Those of you that have been fans of ours for some time now, and have still stuck with us, checking in from time to time, first of all … thank you! Your support and dedication has not fallen on deaf ears and we truly appreciate it.

By now I’m sure you’ve all noticed our prolonged absence and we thought it was high time we explained ourselves. You deserve at least that much. Be prepared, however, as this is likely to be a bit … wordy. So what gives?

Well, several things really. I’ll start by saying, as I hope is evident in our show, I am personally a stickler for quality, which comes in two parts and is therefore, the two-part reason for the problem. The first part for the quality involves my microphone of choice, the Shure SM7B. More specifically, how it connects to my computer. Read the rest of this entry »