Here at Turn 8, Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k table top game is what we’re all about.  Our main focus, of course, is the podcast which tries to take a somewhat different approach then your average 40k podcast.  After all, there are already a lot great shows out there and we would rather compliment them rather than compete.  We’re all gamers and we’re all here to have fun!



The Turn 8 Podcast features Bill the Veteran (a.k.a. Skelator88), Opy the Wise (a.k.a. Opius) and your host, Rich … the angry noob (a.k.a. … Rich).  Each episode is expected to be between two and two and a half hours in length (with some exceptions) and cover the following topics more or less in every episode, time permitting:

  • Intro (pretty self explanatory really).
  • The Roundup (your typical recap of what each member of the podcast has been up to since the last episode).
  • This (random time period) in 40k!  Official news from Games Workshop and other related entities.
  • The Battle Report and Stratagem (this is our unique take on battle report podcasting).
  • Rules of Engagement (this is 40k 101, after all, I am a noob at this).

With a new episode expecting to air every two to three weeks, the Turn 8 Podcast aims to be a clean, PG rated (via post-production censor beeps if necessary) and fun podcast that we hope everyone can enjoy.  In addition to the standard episode segments listed above, there will also be several special segments added as necessary, including:

  • Predictions, Rumors and Wishes (and unicorn tears).
  • Turn 8 Reviews.  Reviews of books from the Black Library, video games and other reviewable 40k items.
  • Codex Breakdowns, for when a new codex arrives.
  • What the FAQ?  Covering changes and new updates.
  • Video Game On.  Warhammer 40k in the realm of video games.



In addition to the Podcast, the contributors to Turn 8 will make occasional posts regarding 40k content.  Things like News regarding the site or 40k that just can’t wait for the podcast (or is so good it’s mentioned twice), possible or probable army lists for upcoming tournaments (with pictures), updates (also with pictures) to works-in-progress projects (like the Painting of Planet Shale), are all fodder for blog posts.



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Do you have a suggestion for the show?  A topic you’d like us to talk about?  A question about the rules you’d like to discuss?  then email us at podcast@turn-8.com

Other queries about interviews, advertising and that sort of thing?  Contact us at info@turn-8.com