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Episode 46: Hellboats

Hellboat Desktop BackgroundThis is it folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for since Warhammer 40k sixth edition came out.  We’re finally airing our Battle Report Contest winner!  Oh, also seventh edition is imminent.  Little things.  Anyway, as promised we finally have Brandon Field’s winning entry into our Battle Report Contest recorded and ready for your ear holes!  In addition, this is also our first episode since our relaunch with an actual Battle Report in it, so it’s doubly special.  We also have our usual round-up and news and our very own Andy brings you his review of the Visions of Heresy image book available from Games Workshop.  We close out this show with our, now standard, initial look and Hopes and Fears for the soon to be released, seventh edition!  Some small caveats before we begin though: we recorded this episode on Monday the 12th of May but due to my ever-present work related issues, I was unable to get it out the door until now.  As such, a few of the things we mention have been clarified by the White Dwarf.  This was also before the rumor of a tournament supplement book was out there so I said it first!  Neener!  Anyway, please enjoy and be sure to check below for our Facebook link to keep up with the latest 40k and Turn 8 news!

  • 00:00:00  Episode 46 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up:  What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:38:44  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 00:56:48  Turn 8 Reviews:  Visions of Heresy
  • 01:07:29  Battle Report Info
  • 01:19:14  Battle Report:  CONTEST WINNER!!! – Dark Angels w/ IG vs. Chaos Space Marines w/Daemons
  • 01:41:22  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 01:49:53  Seventh Edition Extravaganza:  Hopes and Fears and More
  • 02:52:17  Thanks for Listening!

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40K Advanced Orders: Dark Eldar June 4th

Dark Eldar RazorwingWell, well, well … what do we have here?  Not the Razorwing sadly, that was just a tease, but there are three new Dark Eldar models available for pre-order from Games Workshop as of today, as well as the Dark Eldar Battleforce.  You can pre-order any of them now and they will become available on June 4th.

So let’s get into the details, shall we?  Or you can skip right through to the gallery below, either way.


The Talos Pain Engine/Cronos Parasite Engine

One kit will make either monstrous creature and they look amazing in my opinion.  I actually didn’t mind the look of the old one but this one just blows it away.  These half machine, half … something that used to be living, things can slice and dice and shoot twin-linked Splinter cannons, good times to be had.  Price in the U.S. is set at $44.50 for the 89 piece kit.


The Venom

This little open-topped, dedicated transport comes with two hanging Wyches to represent the unit being transported.  These will also work with your Raider if you want to mix and match, which is a good thing if you’d, say, want to put a squad of 5 Kabalite Trueborns with Shardcarbines and Splinter cannons on the transport that can also have two Splinter cannons.  If you’re within 18″ and didn’t move, that’s 33 poison weapon shots, just stay away from armor.  Price in the U.S. is set at $30.00 for the 62 piece kit.


The Scourges

These would be the Dark Eldar’s shooty fast attack unit for those that don’t want to be all up close and personal like the Hellions.  These Shardcarbine wielding man-birds look really nice.  The detailing in the wings, especially the feathered variety, will probably make those bits quite desirable to several other armies out there.  Price in the U.S. is set at $25.00 for the 80 piece kit.


The Battleforce

This is your standard get-started-with-40k kit.  That said, it’s a pretty good deal as it comes with 10 Warriors, 10 Wyches, 3 Reaver Jet Bikes and a Raider, all for about $22US less than what they would cost individually.  Price in the U.S. is set at $95.00 for the 365 piece kit.

Well I know I’m excited about this but it may just be because my army is Dark Eldar … hmm … anyway, if you would like to order, hit up the source link and get to it!

SOURCE: Games Workshop Advanced Orders