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Schedule Update and the Mechanicon

Greetings folks!  Just a quick update here as promised in Episode 10.  We are in the process of recording Episode 11 right now to be aired this Friday, the 11th.  We’re covering some info from Mechanicon as well as our take on the Exterminatus DLC for the Space Marine video game, good stuff you don’t want to miss.  Additionally, Episode 12 will cover the Necrons in all their glory (actually, probably not all of it as it may take a few episodes to get a good feel for them) so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought you might like to check out a few pictures Bill snapped from Mechanicon, enjoy!


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Brave New Worlds Vs. Berks Gaming Club

Better late than never they say … which doesn’t apply all the time by the way, like for the antidote …

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Sgt. Presto Chango

During the last podcast you may have heard me mention the use of magnets.  Sgt. Presto came about when I purchased the Space Marine Commander Box.  Inside the box there were a whole bunch of weapon load out options and I felt like I could use them all.  So not wanting to have to buy another 6 boxes to get all the loadouts I wanted, I went and purchased some Rare Earth Magnets.  Using some low level artsy skills, I was able to use green stuff and the magnets and along with pinning the wrist and guns.  I was then able to give Sgt. Presto a large variety of loadouts.  Also with using the magnets I am able to make an almost infinite amount of dynamic poses.


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The Last of the Berks Images

It took far too long but I finally got around to sorting through and resizing the rest of my pictures from Berks Spring Assault II.  Enjoy!


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