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Episode 44: Phoenix

As mentioned in the post below folks … We. Are. Back!  Tune in to find out what the heck has been going on with the show, why we’ve been away for so long and how some things are going to change going forward.  As part of that you get your news fix for this episode, Opy brings us a rather short Codex Review of the Imperial Knights (because there are only 6 pages of rules) but that’s it! … New structure and schedule means no Battle Report for this episode … the first time we’ve ever done an episode without one.  What’s that all about?  Tune in to find out.






  • 00:00:00  Episode 44 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What the heck has been going on?
  • 00:40:18  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 01:17:23  Codex Review: Imperial Knights
  • 01:34:45  Thanks for Listening!

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The Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Dawn breaks like a wave on the rocks and with it, the long silence is ended …

Greetings internet, and welcome to a long, long overdue report on … well, us! Those of you that have been fans of ours for some time now, and have still stuck with us, checking in from time to time, first of all … thank you! Your support and dedication has not fallen on deaf ears and we truly appreciate it.

By now I’m sure you’ve all noticed our prolonged absence and we thought it was high time we explained ourselves. You deserve at least that much. Be prepared, however, as this is likely to be a bit … wordy. So what gives?

Well, several things really. I’ll start by saying, as I hope is evident in our show, I am personally a stickler for quality, which comes in two parts and is therefore, the two-part reason for the problem. The first part for the quality involves my microphone of choice, the Shure SM7B. More specifically, how it connects to my computer. Read the rest of this entry »



Episode 39: Reflections of the Past

Reflections of the Past ImageTime for the split personality, Jekyll & Hyde, edition of the Turn 8 Podcast.  Don’t let that scare you away though, we’ve got a lot of great content to deliver here.  Though perhaps a bit overdue, Andy takes us through the Tau Enclaves codex supplement for a bit of a mini review.  Plus, as a sort of one year plus (plus, plus) anniversary of 6th edition, we thought it was the right time to reflect on what our Hopes and Fears were for sixth and if and how they were addressed.  Last but not least, a very special edition of the Battle Report.  It’s our first sequel!  The dreaded hive fleet Quetzalcoatl returns to face off once again with their old enemy, the Eldar.  If you’d like to hear the first part of this story (or hear it again) take a listen to Episode 26.  So, why is this episode a bit schizophrenic?  Well basically because this episode was recorded at two very different times.  Most of the content was recorded back in July but the battle report recording and most importantly, the news, we’re recorded recently.  Please enjoy!

Oh and I almost forgot, News!  That’s right, This Random Time Period In 40k makes it’s triumphant return in this episode.

  • 00:00:00  Episode 39 Intro and Contents
  • 00:02:00  The Round-up: What Have We Done Since Last Episode?
  • 00:23:18  This Random Time Period In 40k!
  • 01:01:04  Hopes and Fears: Looking Back at 6th Edition
  • 01:54:35  Battle Report Info
  • 02:01:55  Battle Report – Eldar vs. Tyranids
  • 02:18:49  Stratagem and Post Battle Discussion
  • 02:28:20  Codex Review – Supplemental: Farsight Enclaves
  • 02:58:23  Thanks for Listening!

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Music used in this episode is royalty-free.  Some tracks used in the episode by including:

  • Cloister of Redemption
  • Escape from the Temple
  • Rallying The Defense
  • Olympos
  • Battle of Kings
  • Winter Dawn

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Turn 8 Forum!

Turn 8 Forum ImageHey Gang!  Guess what we just did?  … Wrong!  We’ve finally unleashing our wargaming Forum to the world.  We’ve been in a bit of a soft launch / beta test for a few months now just to work some of the kinks out but we’re now ready for a wider audience.  YOU!  You can check it out right now at or simply click on the FORUM link on the top right of this page (in the “All About Us” section).  Viewing the forum costs nothing, posts cost … one registration, but that’s free so, hey!  This forum should be a much better way for our fans to chat with each other than our Facebook page (though that’s still a great place for the latest news … hint, hint, go like us  …).  So come join our community why don’tcha?

Oh, and if you listened to Episode 37 (you did listen, right!?), be sure to check out the “News” board in the “Turn 8 Podcast” category for the full details about our currently running Battle Report contest!


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Schedule Update and the Mechanicon

Greetings folks!  Just a quick update here as promised in Episode 10.  We are in the process of recording Episode 11 right now to be aired this Friday, the 11th.  We’re covering some info from Mechanicon as well as our take on the Exterminatus DLC for the Space Marine video game, good stuff you don’t want to miss.  Additionally, Episode 12 will cover the Necrons in all their glory (actually, probably not all of it as it may take a few episodes to get a good feel for them) so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought you might like to check out a few pictures Bill snapped from Mechanicon, enjoy!


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Just a Bit of News

Hey everyone, just thought some of you might like to know that we have finished recording Episode 2!  The episode should “air” this Friday so stay tuned!

Additionally I wanted to mention that we are looking to do a Q&A section of the podcast but that means we need some Q’s to throw our A’s at.  If you have a question you’d like to ask or a topic you want to hear discussed on the podcast, send us an email to  You can also ask questions in the comments section of each episode’s post, or send them via Twitter to @turn_8.  The best way, however, is probably to Like us on Facebook and ask you questions there!  It’s a great way to start up a conversation and get instant feedback as well as a possible mention on the show!

Anyway, keep an eye here as always, new episode is on it’s way!


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In the Beginning …

The BeginningAnd so it was that a podcast was born.  Three friends with a passion for a hobby, some computer knowledge and a handful of spare time began to speak, and lo, it was good.

OK, well, we haven’t actually spoken yet it seems but a new podcast is coming.  The “Turn 8” podcast will contain a casual perspective from fans of Games Workshop’s, Warhammer 40k hobby.  Our panel includes:




  • Bill, A.K.A. Skelator88, a veteran of the hobby (and maybe a little bitter).
  • Opy, A.K.A. Opius, reader of the Codexes, knower of the rules.
  • Rich, A.K.A. Raiven (that’s me!) … the noob (of sorts).

We hope that the dichotomy of Bill’s (vast) years with the hobby and my relative newness, blended with the knowledgy nougat that is Opy, will make for quite a tasty podcast for experts and novices alike.

Expect each episode to be roughly one hour long and contain an intro, a roundup of hobby events since the last episode, Battle Reports and possible analysis of strategies involved in said battles, the Rules of Engagement (a segment devoted to an overview of a small section of the rules each episode, for novices such as myself) and finally Q&A.

From time to time there may also be:

  • 40k News from Games Workshop and other related entities.
  • Predictions, Rumors and Wishes (and unicorn tears).
  • Fiction Updates and Reviews (with relation to the books).
  • Codex Breakdowns when a new codex arrives.
  • FAQ Updates.
  • Warhammer 40k in the realm of video games.

Our very first episode should hopefully “air” in a few weeks time and contain a very special Battle Report (not that you’d know the difference, since it’s the first one, right?) about Berks Spring Assault II.  Opy will be participating and I, will … not, however, I’ll be there to cheer him on and hopefully snag some pictures and possibly an interview or two.

Until then, thanks for hanging in for one more turn …

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