Bounties – Diablo III Guide


Bounties – Diablo III Guide

Bounties are short, objective-based quests that are available in Adventure Mode in Diablo 3. Bounties are exploration based quests, sending the player into the

Tal Rasha – the most FUN & LAZY T16 & Bounty Build Diablo 3 – Also Crushes GR Speeds Wizard Guide

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Tal Rasha Meteor is a very strong push build and a great starting set for the Wizard. With the buff to the set and also to the Mempo of Twilight Helm Meteor crushes T16, Bounties and speed GR rifts at around GR115-GR120

The smouldering core has been buffed and we use it for Greater Rifts but for Nephelam Rifts, ie T16 Key farming, it isn’t needed

Diablo 3 – How To Do Nephalem Rifts & Greater Rifts

A diablo 3 guide on how to do normal (nephalem) rifts and greater rifts in diablo 3.


Diablo 3 Ultimate Follower Build Guide for T16 Rifts/Bounties, Speed GRs! (Season 27)

In this video I show you a guide on building that ultimate follower for your solo diablo 3 experience!! This video includes the strategy to for the follower, the builds you need , as well as some added tips for possible changes to the build in diablo 3. ENJOY!

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⏱️Time Stamps⏱️
0:00 Intro
0:20 Overview
1:50 Why you want a follower
5:00 Gear
8:40 Main Stat
10:25 GR Speeds
12:30 Thank you

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EVIL IS IN ITS PRIME Twenty years have passed since the Prime Evils were defeated and banished from the world of Sanctuary. Now, you must return to where it all began—the town of Tristram—and investigate rumors of a fallen star, for this is an omen that the End Times have begun.

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Pick Up and Slay: Take a stand as one of humanity’s last defenders— barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, or wizard. Directly control your character against the hordes of the Burning Hells and unleash devastating powers enhanced for console controllers.

Conquer a Dynamic Battlefield: Lay waste to legions of evil throughout randomized, 3D environments. Face innumerable demonic villains, uncover quests in new locations, and claim an abundance of loot every time you play.

Call Upon Your Allies: Play solo or form a party of up to four heroes— band together with local players on the same screen, invite online players via PlayStation® Network, or mix and match. It’s dangerous to go alone!

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How to Bounty (5-6min Full Runs)

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Get 4 fast builds and avoid slacking as much as possible. Assign one guy to finish all bosses and make sure that no long bounties are left near the end of a run. Save TP on a cursed chest event to finish it later. Don’t waste time opening caches and store them in stash for later. Inform party members early enough if you need to leave so they can start looking for replacements.

D3planners for top bounty builds (in order)
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