Houses – ArcheAge Guide


Houses – ArcheAge Guide

The simplest houses need 200 wood and 200 ore (4 times the walking), while the bigger once few thousand of mats (in CBT4 the biggest house cost 6000 wood and

Archeage Deathwish Swiftblade Guide : )

hey pvp and strategy starts at 23:10
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ArcheAge Unchained – Building Your First House!

So we are back with more ArcheAge Unchained as we set to work on building our first Swept Roof Cottage, despite being the smallest and cheapest house in the game it still requires a good chunk of work to get this thing built!

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Archeage Unchained: Housing, Gilda, Lunafrosts, and Achievements guide!

How to: get 300 gilda, place land, lunafrosts, and achievements!
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ArcheAge Guide To Housing

I go over the different types of houses in ArcheAge, show locations for placement (zoning), as well as different taxes and housing strategies for launch. Also interiors, beds, and more!