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Never Back Down | False Pretense (Jake’s training + final fight) [HD 1080p]

[WATCH IN HD 1080p]
First of all, DOUBLE MUSIC, YEAH, I KNOW, OK. Couldn’t upload normaly so I made double music, but at least video quality is perfect.
Song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – False Pretense (Never Back Down movie soundtrack)
Song by Three Days Grace – Gone Forever
•CacaNarutoAvril(Alexandra Milanovic)

Never Back Down (2008) – The Finale

This movie is very reminiscent of “The Karate Kid (1984)” movie – which is a compliment.

True, although adjusted to our modern era.

Instead of Karate – you got MMA, instead of “legit” Tournament – you get “underground” fights of college kids.

But the lessons are still there to learn and very true.
I like how the main character “grew” as an adult during his training learning how to manage his anger and not care about “vanity stuff” – like his main “opponent” in the movie that lived by the motto: “if you want to be the best, you need to take out the best” – the whole reason he couldn’t let the main character alone, because he was starting to build a reputation and he seen him as somebody to make example of – to “cement” himself as being the best.

But people would have to be present, there is no message to send out, if there is no-one to watch. He refused to beat up the main character (although he could at will) in private fight, but was taunting him instead to face him in the tournament for everyone to see him falling.

Even better, as seen at the very end of this clip, even though the “enemy” lost (as expected), there was no grudge or bad blood between them afterwards. One could say, they both “grew up”.

I guess the “baddie” was scared of losing being the “best” title, because he thought that nobody would like him anymore seeing him loosing (no doubt because of his father that he picked up his motto from), but since that didn’t happen – life just went on, didn’t care about that no more.

I consider this a family movie :), and I still highly recommend it!

Oh, perhaps I shouldn’t have shown you how the movie ends if you want to watch it in the first place…


Never Back Down – “The Last Battle”

The Vid Contains The Clip Of The Fight Between Tylor And McArthee..

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