Resource Operations – Doom Guide


Resource Operations – Doom Guide

Know Thy Enemy is the second mission of the new Doom. This wiki is part of youtubes in-progress guide and Walkthrough and will take you through every step of Doom

DOOM – Mission 2 Resource Operations – Collectibles, Secrets, Locations Guide

Resource Operations is second level of DOOM (2016), with mission name Know Your Enemy.
Following items and collectibles are available on the Resource Operations level

Argent cells 1
Field Drones 1
Data Logs 2
Marineguy Collectibles 2
Elite Guards 3
Secrets 8
Rune Trials None
Classic Map 1
Challenges 3
New Weapons 3

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DOOM Walkthrough – Level 2 – Resource Operations

DOOM Walkthrough by terminator880.

You’ve come here for a reason. The Union Aerospace Corporation’s massive research facility on Mars is overwhelmed by fierce and powerful demons, and only one person stands between their world and ours. As the lone DOOM Marine, you’ve been activated to do one thing – kill them all.



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DOOM Mission 2 Resource Operations 100% Complete (Walkthrough)

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Time Stamp:
Youtube Premium – 0:00
Secret #1 – 0:50
Automap – 1:10
Data Log #2 – 3:00
Secret Level #2 – 2:14

First, you will meet vega, a super artificial intelligence computer. Vega will introduce itself and then Vega will be put into your personnel section of the codex.Next, up you may want to attempt completing the variety is a spice of death challenge. Defeat possessed using different types of glory kills. Know that attacking from different directions including the air, while performing a glory kill will change the glory kill. So try attacking the left leg, right leg, head, from behind, then finally one from the air to get the challenge.

Next, take the only optional path and head straight down it. There should be a lone imp inside to meet the grave. Afterward,turn the power on past the map station. Listen to Olivia Pierce story that was previously recorded. The automap is down the stairs, hit it to get the Resource Operations 001 log and the map of the area. From the control station near the Pierce log look up and jump across to grab a ledge. Head inside and pick up the first secret which contains a Shield full of armor.

Backtrack to the center room. Let some possessed come out and kill 2 of them at once with the shotgun for the twofer challenge. Head down the cargo lift then go straight. You will encounter some imps. Defeat the imps then jump on the gray/silver cargo box, look ahead and jump on the railing. Next, jump to the point ahead of you where the lever is for the secret room. Pull the lever then drop down and complete the secret room for the next secret.

Leave this area, and head through the next portion of the unexplored map. Pull open the broken door with your bare hands,then meet the possessed engineer and a few more badies. Take them out and get it’s codex then get ready for a battle. This is a somewhat tough one so be sure to use the grenades and health right near the checkpoint. I suggest launching out both grenades fast one left and the other right. Then take out the combat shotgun with the mod your using and go around the area counter clockwise, always on the move and always landing shotgun shots. Do this until the checkpoint is complete, then pick up the echo logo on the desk near the green lit door.

You can stop the large mechanisms from moving ahead by hitting the switch near the green lit door. If u do jump on them to get to a higher room with some armor. It is not a secret, but it will help. Next, fall down from above or go through the green lit door. Inside will be the chainsaw and A health station. Get both codex then hit the checkpoint. Next head through the green lit gate, then take out the enemies inside of there until the next checkpoint.

Finding the yellow keycard will give us access to a few more areas and secrets as well as the main story. So let’s head towards that marker. This time, we are going to run into a gore nest. Now this is very very tough on nightmare, so If you want to go back in difficulty do so now, or it only gets harder. Pick of the possessed before you open the gore nest. Know your surroundings there should be 3 explosive barrels here. We also now have the chainsaw, use it as it is always a one shot kill. Glory kills are good and don’t forget the health lingering around the area. You will fight Imps and possessed soldiers here mainly. After the battle, the lockdown will break open and you can use the lift. Go up the lift and get the field drone and keycard yellow. Head back down to the previous area take the lift, then backtrack through the lit green door. Open the yellow gated area,flip the computer switch and open the white hatch to find secret #3 and a praetor token on an elite guard. In that same area continue to follow the blood trail up, until you reach a crate with a plasma rifle. This is secret #4 as well as getting the gun early. Leave the area by knocking open the grate in the wall and you will be back in the lift room.

Now that the hatch and computer terminal button has been pressed we can take the lift back up to the area near the yellow keycard location. Now the door will open and we can go inside for secret #5. Next, crouch down and go through the vent. Follow the blood trail and then drop down for secret #6 which is the seemed to be an inaccessible room. Afterward, you can pick up Elite Guard #2 with a praetor token right in this area.

Doom Resource Operations 1-7 (Limited Commentary) 100% Walkthrough

Secret Location Time Slots below

Click on the Timer and trace backwards in the video
to a familiar location you know to find the secrets.

5:03 (SHIELD) hidden room.
5:22 (Automap Machine) Downloaded
7:43 (Lever) Hidden old doom map