Walkthrough – Jade Empire Guide


Walkthrough – Jade Empire Guide

This Walkthrough takes you through every step of Jade Empire, the action-RPG from Bioware, and guides you through the Open Palm path to the good ending.

Jade Empire Walkthrough Part 1

Talking to master lee. Sorry everybody but because my xbox 360 broke I can not continue the walkthrough for a while.

Let’s Play Jade Empire – Part 1 Character Creation and Tutorial

Wherein we make our character. a tutorial gets ignored, and I make a complete fool of myself at basic reading.

Jade Empire Closed Fist walk through part 1

Jade Empire Full Game Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2/2 – No Commentary (PC)

Jade Empire Full Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 ENDING on PC in 1080p HD. Had to be split in 2 parts due to 12 hour limit set by YouTube. This is my own played and completely edited run that excludes deaths, mistakes and long loading times for educational purposes.

● Surround multichannel audio for better immersion
● Recorded with Mirillis Action
● Edited/Rendered with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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